Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Is Nasi KandaR

Nasi Kandar, a rice meal of Indian Muslim origin, is one of the most famous Penang food. It was named after the rod balanced on the shoulder of food vendors from long ago, to carry the rice and dishes on either end. This portable style of selling nasi kandar has disappeared entirely, and today all nasi kandar stalls are more likely to be stationary somewhere, either in nasi kandar restaurants or in stalls by the roadside. 

Patrons choose a variety of side dishes that may include curry fish, curry beef, curry chicken, roasted chicked, boiled egg, kacang bendi (lady's fingers/okra), sotong (squid), terong (brinjal/aubergine/egg plant), and fish roe.

Although there are many 24-hour Nasi Kandar stalls in Penang, in my opinion, none of them is able to capture the authentic nasi kandar taste that Penang is famous for. For that, you need to find the traditional stall that has been around for generations.

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